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What’s Behind the Things we Struggle to Accept?

Aren’t we supposed to accept situations that we find difficult to stomach? Isn’t that the point of the Serenity prayer, Buddhism’s ‘radical acceptance‘ [insert spiritual paradigm of choice]? Not exactly. I think that would be to misunderstand the nature of acceptance.  And anyway, if you’ve ...
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How to keep your Good Life Buckets overflowing (30 things)

Good Life Buckets is a simple framework created by entrepreneur and author Jonathan Fields, and outlined in his interesting book, How to Live A Good Life. The framework “offers a way to look at the life you’re living, quickly and easily ...
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Staying Rooted in Possibility – How we avoid a Predictable Future

Imagine you’re surfing the crest of a wave. The second your mind glances back to that big knarly ass wave you just nailed, or jumps ahead to how you’ll feel if you manage to beat your PB, it’s over. Staying in your ...
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A Guide to Closing the Knowing/Doing Gap (No Excuses)

Have you ever horrified yourself with your inability to make basic changes to improve your life? Welcome to the knowing/doing gap. Aka, the gulf between what you tell yourself you’ll do and what you actually do. To be honest, there are already people ...
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David Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness – Crazy, or Crazy Insightful?

(Crazy insightful. I think.) Mapping human consciousness probably wasn’t Dr David Hawkins’ most humble endeavor. But the product of his work – the Map of Consciousness, detailing 17 stages of consciousness together with their energy ‘calibration values’ – is devastating in its ...
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Building ‘the Good Life’ – does Lasting Happiness really Lie in Using our Strengths?

What if living ‘the good life’ was in fact, startlingly simple – and lasting happiness within reach of us all? According to psychologist and founder of the positive psychology movement, Martin Seligman, it is – and it is. In his ...