70 Twitter Accounts That Make Us Healthier, Happier And More Productive

Social media can be used for good – there’s no denying it.

From getting ideas for new and healthy recipes, to taking on new fitness challenges, following our favorite experts and companies on social media inspires us to get fitter, stronger, healthier, happier and more resilient. 

Below is our roundup of the most inspiring and informative Twitter accounts in health, fitness and performance. 

Best in Fitness 


1.  @Greatist 

Not just about fitness but particularly awesome at it, Greatist will give you a different workout to do each day (Greatist Workout Of The Day or GWOD). 

2.  @kwidrick

Katy Widrick’s Twitter account always has great fitness tips, plus other advice to help you stay motivated with whatever it is you are trying to pursue in life.

3.  @Gunnar

Personal trainer Gunner Peterson will help motivate you to reach your fitness and health goals one Twitter post at a time. 

4.  @fitnessista

Fitness, family and happiness are a great trifecta, and you’ll get just that with Fitnesssista’s Twitter account. Discover fitness tips, recipes, and thought provoking posts here. 

5.  @dailyburn

If you have the Daily Burn app then you really should follow its Twitter account as well. You’ll find great recipes, and tips and tricks to help you reach your weight loss and fitness goals faster than ever.

6.  @FitBottomedGirl

Whether you’re a mama or a foodie who wants to make sure the junk in the trunk doesn’t become just a bit too much, this Twitter account, of Fit Bottomed Girl, will make sure you have the tips, inspiration and information you need to get and stay fit.

7.  @BornFitness

Born Fitness will help you with inspiration and interesting news about all things relating to fitness.

8.  @BBSuccess

If you need a bit of motivation while doing your Beach Body workouts, then the success stories you’ll find on this Twitter account are guaranteed to inspire. Log in each day to see who else is doing amazing things with their bodies.

Men’s fitness 


9.  @BandanaTraining

If you’re serious about creating that ripped bod, buff Rob Sulaver is sure to become one of your favorites. With off-the-cuff humor, in your face bluntness and plenty of tips, it’s obvious why this account is one of the hottest around.

10.  @JasonFerruggia

Men looking to build their bodies and sharpen their minds will love Jason Ferruggia’s Twitter account, designed to motivate them to achieve their ultimate bodies through hard work and determination.

11.  @JohnRomaniello

Mega babe John Romaniello is another top tweeter to inspire men to get ripped. With his helpful tips, tricks and personal anecdotes, this account will spur you to achieve. 

12.  @SteveKamb

Take pointers from the rebel leader of Nerd Fitness himself, Steve Kamb, by following this account. 

13.  @tomvenuto

Owned by Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle author Tom Venuto, this Twitter account is packed with interesting reads, great recipe ideas, contests, motivation and inspirational quotes for those who want to slim down and build muscle.



14.  @yogadork

Designed for yoga enthusiasts and beginners alike, Yoga Dork provides guidance, wisdom, wit and bits of the latest yoga news that will keep you inspired and ready to nail those asanas.

15.  @TaraStiles

Yoga fans will love the interesting tidbits and guidance about Strala yoga from Tara Stiles’ Twitter page. Her page will keep you motivated to push yourself just a little bit further so you can find your Zen.

16.  @omgal

Even yoga practitioners need a bit of spice, humor and fun added to their daily fix. This Twitter account, by Om girl Rebecca Pacheco, will do all that in the process of providing you with some great information.


17.  @iRunnerBlog

Follow runner Scott’s Twitter page to discover the inner thoughts and wisdom of a serious runner who competes in marathons and tries to help others reach their goals as well. 

18.  @Runkeeper

From running data analytics to tips, inspiration, quotes and great workout snacks, Runkeeper, which is ran by a blind running enthusiast, will make sure you have everything you need to reach your running and fitness goals.

Best in General Health/Wellness


19.  @artofwb

Okay, its us (hey, its one of the benefits of writing this list). Art of Wellbeing is dedicated to providing you with practical information helping you to eat, train, work and live. 

20.  @HealthyLiving

HuffPost Living is just the best for information and news about health and wellbeing.

21.  @markhymanmd

Dr Hyman is dedicated to transforming healthcare. We love him and his page for his inspiring shares targeted towards improving health through functional medicine.

22.  @mindbodygreen

Aimed at revitalizing the way we eat, move and live, there’s nothing not to love about the work of Mind, Body, Green. 

23.  @Kris_Carr

Take levels of inspiration to a notch by following Kris Carr’s account. You’ll discover tips, insights and interesting reads and information that will make you realize that getting healthy is actually fun. 

24.  @HealthTap

Health tap is packed with informative links and information about all things health. 

Best in Nutrition


25.  @CJNutrition

Nutritionists and goddesses Stephanie Clarke and Willow Jarosh will help you to discover great ways to fit proper nutrition into your day.

26.  @BradPilon

Author of Eat Stop Eat, Brad Pilon, will help you to discover family-friendly ways of including exercise and eating healthily into your routine.

27.  @marionnestle

Stay up to date with all things nutrition and food related with this top health Twitter account of Marion Nestle. She will also keep you up to speed with food safety issues.

28.  @KatherineHobson

Delve into the mind of a health and science writer, and learn plenty of interesting information with Katie Hobson’s Twitter account

29.  @DrEades

Physician and entrepreneur Michael Eades‘s page takes a critical look at nutritional science and anything else that strikes his fancy.

30.  @LoriShemek

When you want to lose weight and fight inflammation, Lori Shemek will show you the foods you need to help you to get the results you want. 

31.  @kerigans

Nutritionist Keri Gans is dedicated to making sure you know exactly what you should be eating to make sure your body is as healthy as it can be, without starving yourself.

32.  @Snack_Girl_

If you want to make better choices when snacking, without sacrificing the foods you love or actually feeling sated, Snack Girl’s Twitter will help guide the way. 

33.  @DaniNierenberg

Interested in making sure your community is using the right tools and connections to develop a way to deal with the overwhelming food issues facing the global community? If so, Danielle Nierenberg is your ‘go-to’ girl. 

34.  @thefoodbabe

Anyone who cares about all the additives in foods today will love the information and tongue-in-cheek honesty found on Food Babe’s page. Visit daily to discover the latest food industry news and insights from one of Time Magazine’s ‘Most Influential People’.

35.  @NutritionDiva

Nutrition Diva will help you to discover how the additives and natural compounds in some foods may affect your health both for the good and bad. You’ll find tons of tips and helpful information to use food to become healthier.

36.  @chriskresser

‘Health detective’ Chris Kresser will get you attuned to the connections between certain foods and obesity and other serious health conditions.

37.  @NutritionBlogs

Nutrition Blog Network is packed with tons of useful nutritional advice directly from nutritionists – you’ll be eating healthier in no time.

38.  @NutritionSchool

This is one school anyone looking to become a healthier eater will love to attend. IIN’s Twitter page provides tips that will help you be successful with your diet and exercise changes.

39.  @MarkedNutrition

Finding the right foods to be healthy and lose weight can be difficult. However, Marked Wellness’s page will make sure you know exactly what you should be eating from a nutrition expert.

40.  @NutritionExpert

Whether you need inspiration to help you make it through that intense workout or you want to discover new products and snacks to help you gain the mass you want, you’ll learn plenty of great details and ideas for your workout needs with Nutrition Expert’s page.

41.  @drjohnm

Follow John Mandrola’s account for information on how to keep your heart healthy. 

Special diets

42.  @choosingraw

Raw foods can be yummy and the very awesome Gena Hamshaw proves it, with a wealth of interesting and unique vegan recipes that will keep your mouth watering and your body nourished every day.

43.  @Mark_Sisson

If the Paleo diet is your thing, then Primal Mark’s Twitter account is sure to become a favorite.

44.  @robbwolf

Trying to discover which foods might contribute to your gut and digestion problems? Visit Rob Wolf’s awesome page and discover a wealth of information that will help you gain insight into the foods you eat, and their effect on your system.

Children’s health 

45.  @FoodRev

If you are interested in finding out more about food education for kids, this Twitter account, the brainchild of Jamie Oliver, is a fount of knowledge. 

46.  @Doctor_V

If you want to keep up with the latest news about children’s needs, helpful tools and interesting opinions on countless medicine-related articles and news, Doctor V will definitely keep you in the loop. 

47.  @HappyFamily

This Twitter account from Happy Family gives you great tips and ideas for organic snacks and foods for babies, toddlers and older children to make sure they are getting the best nutrients and healthiest food combinations possible.

Best in Happiness


48.  @DalaiLama

With such Tweet’s as ‘The moment you think of others, your mind widens’, this list couldn’t be complete without a link to His Holiness’ page.

49.  @gretchenrubin

Immerse yourself in interesting articles, helpful news and other tidbits from the life of a happy person – Gretchen Rubon – who knows exactly how to stay that way.

50.  @susancain

Shyness can be difficult to overcome, but when you have Susan Cain on hand, you’ll always have a helpful bit of guidance to help you get through even the trickiest of situations.

51.  @HealYourLife

Louise Hay’s account is just awesome. With affirmations, links to inspiring and uplifting articles and great cards to share with others, you will always have something positive to think about after visiting.

52.  @actionhappiness

Positive thoughts and energy abound when you take a moment to visit Action for Happiness’ account. 

53.  @happier

If you want to make sure you are always finding happiness in everything you do, check out Happier’s account. 

54.  @HEAusatoday

If romance novels make you smile, you’ll spend every day grinning ear to ear after visiting Happy Ever After’s page. Discover excerpts, reading suggestions, contests and even articles written by your favorite authors.

55.  @DHMovement

Delivering happiness will help you to discover a variety of inspiring quotes, articles and events that are all designed to make your workplace better.

56.  @IgorJosif

The things around you have a major impact on your mood. Happy Interior Blog provides plenty of interior design tips and tricks that are sure to make you just a little bit happier no matter which room you are occupying.

57.  @drhappy

Positive psychology can have such a dramatic impact on your daily life. Dr Happy will provide you with the quotes and inspiration you need to keep yourself feeling great about yourself and any situations in which you might find yourself.

Best in Mind, Body & Spirit


58.  @mikedooley

We can’t even remember what life was like before Mike Dooley’s inspiring Notes from the Universe. Guaranteed to uplift. 

59.  @biologyofbelief

Following Dr Bruce Lipton’s account will keep you questioning the really important stuff in life – like the impact of your thoughts.

60.  @DeepakChopra

Deepak Chopra’s page will move you to raise your consciousness and improve your life.

61.  @marwilliamson

This awesome lady will inspire you to become the best version of yourself with her brilliant and hard hitting insights.

62.  @elephantjournal

Those who are interested in mindful living will love Elephant Journal.  From interesting tidbits to great articles and plenty of insightful and motivating quotes, this account will help you achieve your own personal greatness.

Best in Business/Entrepreneurship 


63.  @neilpatel

Entrepreneur Neil Patel constantly inspires us with his value driven approach. He also writes blog posts to die for. 

64.  @TonyRobbins

With Tweets like “Never spend more than 10% of your time on problems, and spend at least 90% of your time on solutions,” Robbins’ page is a business inspiration masterclass. 

65.  @SavorTheSuccess

It’s easier to be successful when you have access to the right tools, tricks and insight from the professionals. This top success Twitter account from Savor the Success will help you discover what you can do to improve your success in business.

66.  @SuccessFastlane

Entrepreneurs need a little boost now and then. Success Fast Lane will provide you with plenty of tips, inspirational and motivational quotes and much more to help you achieve success in business and life.

Best in Mind/Psychology


67.  @DrJoeDispenza

Dr Joe will have you examining why your mind matters. And that is no bad thing.

68.  @bigthink

Daily life always has its challenges, but with the right tools at your fingertips, everything can be easier to handle. Think Big will help you to get faster and smarter, with its great tips and success stories. 

69.  @Engage4Success

It’s always great to find motivation and interesting insights without all the endorsements, and Engage for Success does that on a daily basis. 

70.  @BrendonBurchard

Bestselling author Brendon’s motivational techniques stand out as being some of the best.

Best in cutting edge nutrition/brain health/’bio-hacking’

70.  @maxlugavere

Max is a game changer. Part of a new wave of hot young health experts that are more clued up then ever about the effects of nutrition, he is currently making a first-of-its-kind documentary all about ‘taking back the fate of our defining characteristic’ (aka our brains). 

71.  @DavidPerlmutter

Author of Brain Maker, following David’s account will help you to educate yourself about the importance of gut microbes in healing and protecting the brain.  

72.  @bulletproofexec

Biohacker Dave has heralded a whole new way of eating and living, and its called bulletproof. Follow his awesome account to find out more. 

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