Do you need Nootropics-infused Coffee in your life? (a Review of Kimera Koffee)

*Early and full disclosure – we are affiliated with Kimera Koffee because I love the product. Because they love me (and you) back, there is a discount code you can use below.*

It’s official! We have entered the age of Smart Coffee. 

Dave Asprey got things rolling when he slapped Bulletproof coffee (which has its own Wikipedia entry) onto his blog in 2009. The drink, which now has cult following, consists of Asprey’s own ‘upgraded’ black coffee blended with grass-fed butter and brain octane oil. (A simpler variation is organic coffee blended with a tablespoon of coconut oil). 

The revolutionary aspect of Bulletproof was using ‘the stimulants opportunity’ as a vehicle for delivering concentrated sources of macro-nutrient energy. In other words: coffee pimping. The idea has stayed massively popular with Paelo folk and those on ketogenic (fat burning) diets, who eschew the standard coffee additions – milk and sugar – both of which reduce coffee’s significant health benefits.

Coffee pimping cranked up a notch when Four Sigma Foods (now Four Sigmatic) got clever with medicinal mushrooms. I’m a huge fan of their mushroom coffee products which I have written about here

Relatively new player, Kimera Koffee, may have just smashed things out of the ballpark. They have taken several natural nootropics and blended them with high quality coffee to create a coffee product that claims to ‘ignite that drive and motivation.’ Kimera spent months and 54 prototypes to develop its formula. I think that they nailed it. 

So is this a product you need in your life?

Coffee – the original nootropic 

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We know now that the idea of coffee being bad for us is based on old information. Studies have shown again and again that moderate coffee consumption – if suited to you – confers extensive health benefits, including for the brain. (One study has showed that just 200 mg of caffeine — the equivalent of a couple of cups of coffee — can help the brain identify words more quickly and precisely).

Coffee is kind of the original nootropic. 

To optimize the benefits, moderate your intake, time your caffeine intake for optimal energy and productivity, drink organic and avoid health diminishing additions, such as dairy milk. Read our previous post on how to hack your coffee intake here

Nootropics – natural versus synthetic and ‘smart stacks’ 

More and more of us are embracing nootropics (or ‘smart drugs’) because we want to be like Lucy and the dude from Limitless in our lives. The phenomenon is kind of interesting from a philosophical perspective: our appetite for cognitive enhancement taps into that deep drive for many of us to improve our processing and manipulation of the world and our reality. I know – deep!

Arguably, the use of nootropics is progress and evolution. Cognitive enhancement appears to offer us a lot both at an individual and societal level. Hopefully, the way that nootropics and potential nootropic substances are regulated (and in some cases legitimized) will keep apace with our thirst for exploring them. Until then, you need to be your own scientist. 

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Some basic information: a large range of substances fall into the category of nootropics, and many are nature-derived. It is the natural ones – for example, medicinal mushrooms and herbal adaptogens such as ashwagandha – that are preferred by the likes of peak performance athlete and general health superhero Ben Greenfield. (For more on natural nootropics, read The Essential Guide to Nutritional Supplements – the Extras.)

On the other side of things, you have LSD micro-dosing, which is currently being embraced by Wall Street workers. Yeah, just a little acid is good. 

There is some complicated stuff to know about nootropic pairings/interactions (you can create smart ‘stacks’ targeted towards your particular goals).

If you are interested in experimenting with synthetic nootropics, then do your research and read a few articles from people who have made themselves expert in the area (Dave Asprey, Ben Greenfield, etc). 

Nootropics in Kimera Koffee – alpha GPC, DMAE, taurine and l-theanine 

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Kimera is a blend of coffee and the nootropics alpha GPC, DMAE, taurine and l-theanine, all of which are natural compounds. Here are some health benefits associated with these particular nootropics:

Alpha GPC – memory enhancer

Alpha GPC is mostly known for its memory benefits and is increasingly associated with long term brain benefits, too. A list of its functions:

Alpha GPC will be most interesting for you if you rely on your memory and recall a lot. Its effects are amplified when it is combined with other nootropics. 

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Taurine – ‘the forgotten longevity hormone’ and possible athletic enhancer

This is another organic amino acid that offers a bounty of benefits to health. It has a reputation as an athletic performance enhancer (it’s a key ingredient in energy drinks) but the evidence is mixed. It actually offers some powerful other benefits including:

Anyone interested in optimal health, longevity and support against diabetes will be interested in supplementing with taurine. 

L-theanine – anxiety reducer and sleep aid

L-theanine is the amino acid found in green tea. It can help with anxiety, improve sleep patterns and prevent cholesterol-related damage. Studies show that it might:

L-theanine is a great one for anxiety sufferers and those with disturbed sleep patterns. 

DMAE – the vigilance enhancer!

DMAE is a molecule found in your brain and in fish that boosts mental performance, increases energy, improves oxygen efficiency and promotes red blood cell function. Studies show that DMEA benefits:

If you’re interested in taking alpha GPC, then you will want DMAE too, as it potentially is a massive cognitive ‘improver’.

Kimera Koffee – is it for you?


Kimera Koffee by its own admission is targeted towards the fitness community. That said, anyone interested in a cognitive boost and generally into optimal health will want to try this coffee, too. A couple of clear wins for me about this product:

  • The nootropics are the natural ones. As you can see from above, the four amino acids that Kimera uses are naturally occurring in the brain and found in protein rich food, but tricky to get from diet alone.
  • The caffeine works symbiotically with the nootropics. If you are going to drink coffee and take nootropics anyway, then doing it this way takes the stress out and simplifies your life, which is a big plus for me.
  • Given that the area of nootropics is pretty unregulated, you want to source yours from a place you can trust. This company, with its focus on the natural and high quality, meets my trust threshold. Plus I like the fact that people like Ben Greenfield (who really knows his stuff) are into it.
  • This is a company that understands the importance of using fine quality coffee. It is sourced from the Dominican Republic, which isn’t currently recognized as a major player in the coffee world, but the company is working to change that.

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The cost is around $20USD per 12 oz packet.

How it tastes and feels to be on this product

There is no doubt that this is coffee with cognitive enhancements. I personally get a deeper focus and it takes me less time to get in a flow state with my work. And there are no headaches or any other negative side effects that you might worry about with synthetic supplements. 

I do not struggle too much to motivate myself with exercise, but I can imagine that that would be the biggest impact of using this coffee if you do find yourself challenged on that side of things.  

Taste wise, it is kind of nutty, kind of citrusy. There is a nice acidity there, and there is also a good foam, which is unusual with pre-ground coffee.

The effects of this coffee are quite strong, and you may find that one per day is enough (I switch to regular organic coffee after my morning cup of this. Alternatively, I use it in a smoothie – yum). 

Discount code

ARTOFWELLBEING at the point of check out will get you 10% off your order.


If you haven’t already embraced the idea of nootropics, then chances are you will soon. More and more of us are turning to these smart drugs to help support us in reaching our goals both at work and at play.

Kimera Koffee is creating top quality natural nootropic products that are tasty and can help keep you operating at peak. It is in my view, one of the superior options for nutritional support out there. Plus, it’s just easy to use in your life. 

Have you tried pimping your coffee with anything cool? Let me know in the comments below!

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