25 Powerful Questions to Ask Yourself Daily

Asking yourself powerful questions, such as the ones here, forces you to consider what type of person you want to be, and with what life. 

Although other forms of contemplation and reflection are necessary too, the unique value in questions is that when you ask yourself one, your brain has to answer: it can’t leave that shit hanging. It could be a day, two days, a week; a response is going to come.

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And the better the quality of the powerful questions you ask, the more real you can get with yourself. As Mr Motivator himself Tony Robbins says “Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers.”

So what are some powerful questions that you can ask yourself at the beginning, middle and end of each day?

Beginning of day powerful questions

How am I feeling right now?

Did I wake up on the wrong side? Is it the wrong side, every single day? If so, what’s up with that? What is it about my life that fills me with apathy?

Is there a longing that I have that is going unattended to? What am I avoiding?

Is this a self-management problem? Am I giving enough attention to my bedtime routine and sleep quality? Did I go to bed telling myself a negative story about life?

How am I feeling about this day ahead?

What am I looking forward to and not looking forward to? Is there anything I am excited about? Dreading? Why?

What can I accept that I can’t change?

What aspect of my current circumstances isn’t optimal, and that’s putting it nicely. Can I bring it into my circle of influence

What is it the most important (not urgent) that I do?

Which parts of the day require my total presence? Who is it important that I come through for? Why is it important? 

What have I agreed to do, that I do not want to do?

Have I agreed to spend the time in a way that I would rather not? Why did I do that? 

Who is judging what’s good and what’s bad?

Who do I need to be being for this day to work?

Do I need to be productive and focused? Do I need to be patient, kind and gentle? Assertive? 

What can I do today that will be a unique expression of me?

What can I do for me and my health? Who can I call and have an honest chat with? What small actions can I take in my personal projects? What can I learn that I care about knowing?

How can I be more of ‘me’ at work and at home?

What small steps can I take to show that I am serious about loving myself?

What activities can I do that are a solid investment in number 1? 

What would scare me slightly, that I could do today?

What small thing would represent a victory over myself? Could I chat to the cute waitress? Notice what’s going on around me more? Could I create some space in the day to be left alone with my thoughts?

Mindful checks-ins throughout the day 

Where is my attention going right now?

Am I being present to my tasks? If not, where are my thoughts going? What effects is that having? Is there anything I need to learn from that?

How am I not being generous (with my time/words/presence)?

Am I holding back on my work or other people? If so, why?

How am I feeling right now?

What is my emotional state in this moment? Am I feeling relaxed and calm? Slightly nervous/anxious? What sensations accompany these feelings?

How is my breathing?

Is my breathing shallow and upper respiratory, or full bodied? Am I holding my breath right now?

Powerful questions to ask at the close of the day

What was the most important thing I did today?

Did I give someone my presence and attention when it was needed? Did I deal with something well at work, say no when I needed to – manage negative impulses better?

What gave me the most joy today?

Maybe the same things as above. Maybe just your morning bagel. 

What caused me the most inner conflict and stress?

Why was it stressful? Why really? What’s the story I am telling myself?

What am I grateful for?

There are at least five things. 

Do I need to clear anything up?

Did I accidentally say something with the intention to deceive? Did I communicate badly about something? Have I hurt a relationship I care about?

Can I put it right? 

What did I learn?

Did the course of the day highlight any perspective/behavioral shifts needed?

What do I need to let go?

You could accompany this one with a little sing song. 

Powerful questions to ask before you do something big

Does it move me towards the boldest, most grand vision I have for myself?

In the movie of your life. 

Will it be fun?

Possibly the most important question of them all. 🙂

Even more questions

Still hungry for self-knowledge? Here’s a few more thought provoking questions:

Is my smartphone/ social media use intelligent (or do I need to read this?)

Do I let unexamined thoughts run amok in my day? Do I need to practice mindfulness

Does my routine, and especially my morning routine, serve my highest values?

Am I often too caught up in my feelings to do what I need to do?

What am I making excuses not to do?

Do my actions and decisions contain a good balance of my heart and my head?

Am I taking responsibility for the state of my life?

What do I feel deserving of/entitled to? (Do I need to read this?)

What do I truly value?

What do I spend the most time and energy worrying about? Does worrying help? What actually would?

How can I improve my experience of this situation?

Am I overthinking this?

What’s stopping me from enjoying this moment/my life right now?

Are my good life buckets leaking?

How is my Enneagram type’s underlying fear affecting my life right now?

Who and what am I using to reaffirm deeply held beliefs about myself?

Am I aware of psychological projection and other defense mechanisms I use to misinterpret life?


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