How ‘Sparketypes’ can help you know what you are doing with your life

What are you doing with your life?

Beyond working and parenting I mean. I know you’ve thought about it…

I have too. I’ve steered myself through the odd existential crisis. It’s surprisingly difficult to see what’s under your nose.

What am I doing with my life?

Teaching; advising others where I can. That’s what I am doing with my life.

It isn’t what I am paid to do, but it does infuse all of my interactions, and dictate a lot of my pastimes.

What are you doing? What makes you feel the most alive, when you do it?

Name what is already there. Your “thing” is something insidious to your personality, and core to your identity. It’s pouring out of you and it may not be anything to do with your work.

The French call it a raison d’être, which roughly translates as “reason for existence”. 

The Sparketypes

This week whilst listening to one of my favorite podcasts The Good Life Project, I learned of something called the Sparketypes. It’s a system from author/entrepreneur Jonathan Fields. 

The Sparketypes attempt to capture all of the observable things we like to do with our lives. They are broad categories of things, and aren’t limited to a job.

Which of the ten Sparketypes is yours?

The Sparketypes:

  • The Maker – the person who lives to turn ideas into reality.
  • The Scientist – the person who lives to solve problems.
  • The Maven  – the person who loves learning for its own sake.
  • The Essentialist – the person who feels alive when they create order from chaos.
  • The Performer – the person who enlivens any interaction. 
  • The Warrior – the person who is driven to organize and lead people.
  • The Sage – the person who is driven to teach and share wisdom.
  • The Advocate – the person who champions others.
  • The Adviser – the person who gives guidance.
  • The Nurturer – the person who lives to nurture others. 

You may identify with one or even two of these (according to the system, we have a primary and shadow type).

I encourage you to check out this free online assessment

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