What’s AoW all about?

The blog started as a resource for health information. That’s why the earlier posts consist of epic long guides on how to supplement, how to become pro-longevity and things like that. I (me: Rez) have a background in nutrition and fitness, among some other things that we won’t talk about now.

The blog has morphed now into focusing exclusively on psychology and personal development. In particular, self awareness. I still aim to write practical, valuable articles that I back up with science and evidence where possible. However, I am not obsessed by that.

In terms of who I am and what makes me qualified – good question!

The cold hard facts: I am thirty something and an editor by profession. A few years ago, I did some training with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I’m location independent which means I move around a lot, although London (UK) is my base place. 

More relevant is that I have been reading, researching, writing (ranting) about psychology and personal development for around ten years. Mostly that happens on this blog, but occasionally I like to spread myself around. My writings have been featured on Huffington PostThe CoffeeliciousGood Men Project, Thought Catalog and a couple of other places.

I’m currently writing my first book (very very slowly). Eventually I intend to create courses too. 

I’m grateful for the interest, but sorry to say that I am not currently accepting guest contributions. That could change in future. If you do want to contact me, email me at rezzan@artofwellbeing.com