Hello, it’s Rez. 🙂

My blog attempts to deal with some of the bigger questions in life, such as why we are here and how to get the most meaning from the things we do. It is about how to feel satisfied, happy and powerful in life.

If you found your way to the blog because of one of the older (pre 2016) articles, then you might be a little confused! The blog began as a resource for health information. That’s why the earlier posts tend to be guides on how to supplement, and things like that. That content reflected my areas of interest and specialism at the time.  

The blog now focuses exclusively on psychology and personal development – subjects I have been fascinated by for my entire adult life.

Here is some more information about me:

I’m an editor by profession, and began writing a few years ago. Hussey is my writing alias (though my first name is Rezzan). In addition to my blog, I have written for The Coffeelicious and Thought Catalog.  I have just completed my first book – check it out!

If you want to contact me, email me at rezzan@artofwellbeing.com