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How to Sustain Intimacy in LTRs – a Neuroscience Perspective

This article about intimacy is based on information from a Webinar delivered by Mona Fishbane, PhD, as part of Sound True’s Neuroscience Training Summit. She offered a realistic, and ultimately hopeful account of how to develop, repair and nurture intimacy in ...
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Does Pursuing our Desires really make us Happier? – 6 Better Ways to Follow your Bliss

Attachment to desire equals the root of all of mankind’s suffering, according to Buddhist teachings. But have you ever tried eliminating your desires? Probably not going to happen! And repressing desire isn’t the solution, either. Because we are all creatures of desire, ...
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4 Hard-Hitting Truths about Infatuation that Everyone Needs to Understand

We’ve all at some time been held in the grips of infatuation, and/or of feeling very impressed with somebody. And infatuation is – by definition – an intense and short-lived experience. Nobody stays infatuated. Which is not to say that infatuation ...
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How to Become a Good little Masochist – 3 Ways to Develop Willingness

Most of us assume our levels of willingness are higher than they are in actuality. Truly, much of the time levels are selective at best. However, willingness is tremendously important to a life well lived.  Or as Mark Manson puts it: “Everything ...
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10 Things you Need to Know about Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

In terms of approaches to dealing with the unbearable suffering of being alive, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy offers a refreshingly pragmatic solution.  As distinct from other forms of therapy that encourage you to question the validity of your negative thoughts, ...
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5 Things to Bear in Mind when Choosing a Life Partner (from Someone who Knows)

Choosing a life partner has a lot in common with buying a house. Both are high stake, difficult-to-reverse decisions. Things get a lot more straightforward when you are clear on what you value. And whatever you end up with, there ...
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3 Counter-intuitive things that Help you Maintain a Competitive Edge

Don’t listen to all the naysayers out there: we all need to maintain a competitive edge if we are going to survive in this dog-eat-dog world. Anyone that tells you otherwise has probably just given up.  That job, career, house, ...