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Are you getting enough Vitamins of the Air? The lowdown on Ions, Air Ionizers and Salt Lamps

There’s something in the air. No, I don’t mean love. I’m talking ions! A bit like you, the ions are sometimes positive, at other times, negative. When it comes to ions, negativity is good. Negative ions are the invisible forces of awesomeness that we ...
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Why D-Mannose is the only natural remedy for bladder infections you’ll ever need (I promise)

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are a giant pain in the front bottom. If you have ever had one, then I’ll already know you’ll do anything to avoid a repeat episode. Yet another round of antibiotics? Hey, if it’s necessary. Here’s the thing: ...
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Can Bone Broth Really Lower Your Anxiety (and Make You More Attractive)?

There isn’t a whole load of research yet on the health benefits of eating/drinking bone broth.  There is some compelling research demonstrating the healing benefits of the constituent parts of bone broth – collagen (a vital nutrient) in particular. Many thought leaders in natural health are recommending ...
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Using Superfoods for Self-Improvement – a Guide to Eating the Most Dynamic Foods on the Planet

Superfoods are like the marvel action heroes of the food world. These special foods go way beyond supplying us with nutrition. Real superfoods furnish us at the level of body, mind and spirit. Eating them regularly means we feel better, we look better, we perform better. ...
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150 of the Best Self-Quantification Tools (Apps, Sites and Trackers)

“You can’t change what you don’t measure.” If anything encapsulates the potential for self-tracking to transform our health, then it’s that statement. The so-called life-logging revolution is already well underway after technological advancements, ‘big data’ and key influencers like co-founder of the ...
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Mushroom Powder – in your Coffee? (Review of Four Sigmatic mushrooms)

*Art of Wellbeing is affiliated with mushroom connoisseurs Four Sigmatic because I think that the quality of the products is excellent, having used them for years. You’ll find a review of the products, as well as a discount code for our readers, at the bottom.* Ask ...