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How to keep your Good Life Buckets overflowing (30 things)

Good Life Buckets is a simple framework created by entrepreneur and author Jonathan Fields, and outlined in his interesting book, How to Live A Good Life. The framework “offers a way to look at the life you’re living, quickly and easily ...
Based on books, Personal development, Self-awareness, Spirituality

David Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness – Crazy, or Crazy Insightful?

(Crazy insightful. I think.) Mapping human consciousness probably wasn’t Dr David Hawkins’ most humble endeavor. But the product of his work – the Map of Consciousness, detailing 17 stages of consciousness together with their energy ‘calibration values’ – is devastating in its ...
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Building ‘the Good Life’ – does Lasting Happiness really Lie in Using our Strengths?

What if living ‘the good life’ was in fact, startlingly simple – and lasting happiness within reach of us all? According to psychologist and founder of the positive psychology movement, Martin Seligman, it is – and it is. In his ...
Based on books, Creativity, Personal development, Productivity, Self-awareness, Spirituality

Why Goal-Setting doesn’t Work (and Something that Does)

Updated: 27th December 2016 How do you feel about goal-setting? Either you like it or you don’t. This post will be more useful to you if you don’t. Now another question: can you tell me what your true desires are? ...
Based on books, Personal development, Productivity, Psychology, Spirituality
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How Successful People Self-Steward – a Crash Course in Creative Visualization

It’s the loathed interview question. ‘Where do you see yourself in five years?’  Unoriginal as it is when heard at interviews, this is actually a great question. Because what we can envisage for ourselves (tomorrow, next week, next month, next year) is instrumental ...
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32 things you’d know if you could be bothered reading the Untethered Soul

The Untethered Soul is a book by Michael Singer that I just finished reading. I came across the book after Prince Ea posted a question on his Facebook asking everyone what their favorite personal development reads were. I scanned the ...
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6 Actions for Bold Self-Love (from Science)

This post is based on author David Hamilton’s brilliant new book, ‘I Heart Me: The Science of Self-Love’. Using science to inspire, it suggests practical ways to create the kind of essential self-love we need to empower us and help us to make good choices in life. It’s ...