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42 Powerful Questions for Self-Reflection (that help you to Know Yourself)

Following the powerful 28 questions, here are 42 more you can use to crank up the self-awareness dial. Enjoy. questions about your inner world 1. Is my social media use intelligent? Thought I’d hit you where it hurts right away. I know ...
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How to keep your Good Life Buckets overflowing (30 things)

Good Life Buckets is a simple framework created by entrepreneur and author Jonathan Fields, and outlined in his interesting book, How to Live A Good Life. The framework “offers a way to look at the life you’re living, quickly and easily ...
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Staying Rooted in Possibility – How we avoid a Predictable Future

Imagine you’re surfing the crest of a wave. The second your mind glances back to that big knarly ass wave you just nailed, or jumps ahead to how you’ll feel if you manage to beat your PB, it’s over. Staying in your ...
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A Guide to Closing the Knowing/Doing Gap (No Excuses)

Have you ever horrified yourself with your inability to make basic changes to improve your life? Welcome to the knowing/doing gap. Aka, the gulf between what you tell yourself you’ll do and what you actually do. To be honest, there are already people ...
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A Story of Transformation through Yoga – what happened during my 100 hour yoga challenge

If you can’t afford therapy, then do yoga. Seriously, you should consider it. I have already written about why I think self-experimenting is awesome and key in intentional living.  This Summer saw me forsake my preferred high intensity kind of training ...
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9 Surprising things Mystic Edgar Cayce taught us about Motivation

Like all the best stuff, Edgar Cayce’s teachings just found their way to me. I didn’t need to go a-searchin’.  I had been sharing with my roommate about how I had become unstuck with my primary project, a program I am developing in creating ...
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Can Switchwords Really Help us Hack our Subconscious Mind?

You already know about switchwords, you just didn’t know they were called that.  Switchwords are words with special superpowers.  What’s their special power? They address your subconscious mind, which usually doesn’t deal in words (emotions are its currency). That’s your non-thinking ...