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42 Powerful Questions for Self-Reflection (that help you to Know Yourself)

Following the powerful 28 questions, here are 42 more you can use to crank up the self-awareness dial. Enjoy. questions about your inner world 1. Is my social media use intelligent? Thought I’d hit you where it hurts right away. I know ...
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3 Things You Might Need to Teach Yourself if You Had a Narcissistic Parent

In the interests of transparency (and avoiding a slap in the face), I do not have a narcissistic parent. But just like the rest of us, I have experienced narcissistic individuals. Plus, I know a woman that has a narcissistic ...
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5 Energy Experiments that Prove Reality is Malleable

Ever done an energy experiment?  If no, you’re going to love this! Hopefully.  Energy experiments first appeared on my radar after I read Pam Grout’s New York Times bestselling book, E-squared. The book, which reads like a lab manual, presents simple experiments ...
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How to Know your Dominant Basic Instinct (without Removing your Underwear)

If you have never seen the movie Basic Instinct, allow me to fill you in. In the movie’s iconic scene, Sharon Stone’s character, Catherine Tramell, re-crosses her legs while sitting in an interrogation room, thereby revealing her underwear-less crotch in front of the ...
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The Real Value in Owning our Introversion and Extraversion

Do we really have natural set-points of introversion and extraversion? More importantly, is it a useful way of looking at ourselves and other people? Or are Carl Jung’s categories irrelevant, crusty and outdated? Here is a brief expo on the latest thinking ...