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3 Things You Might Need to Teach Yourself if You Had a Narcissistic Parent

In the interests of transparency (and avoiding a slap in the face), I do not have a narcissistic parent. But just like the rest of us, I have experienced narcissistic individuals. Plus, I know a woman that has a narcissistic ...
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5 Energy Experiments that Prove Reality is Malleable

Ever done an energy experiment?  If no, you’re going to love this! Hopefully.  Energy experiments first appeared on my radar after I read Pam Grout’s New York Times bestselling book, E-squared. The book, which reads like a lab manual, presents simple experiments ...
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Why we need to Calm Down to Wake Up – the Nervousness/Awareness link

Nervousness has been described as the disease of our civilization. (By Paramahansa Yogananda in case you’re interested. In his rather thought-provoking book, Journey to Self-Realization).  Take a look around and you’ll see the great Yogi is right.  A lot of ...
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How to get out of your head without Sex, Drugs and Alcohol (some thoughts on Overthinking)

I’m not suggesting that there is anything wrong with doing all three of these things. They just don’t exactly build the kind of wellbeing most of us want to enjoy.  So why do we turn to them so often? For many of ...
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What’s Behind the Things we Struggle to Accept?

Aren’t we supposed to accept situations that we find difficult to stomach? Isn’t that the point of the Serenity prayer, Buddhism’s ‘radical acceptance‘ [insert spiritual paradigm of choice]? Not exactly. I think that would be to misunderstand the nature of acceptance.  And anyway, if you’ve ...