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A Story of Transformation through Yoga – what happened during my 100 hour yoga challenge

If you can’t afford therapy, then do yoga. Seriously, you should consider it. I have already written about why I think self-experimenting is awesome and key in intentional living.  This Summer saw me forsake my preferred high intensity kind of training ...
Personal development, Self-awareness, Spirituality

How (and why) to develop a basic Spiritual practice

There is a fully legit reason for starting a spiritual practice. It makes you feel better.  I personally didn’t bother with a spiritual practice until my late twenties. Now I make sure I am regularly reading spiritual texts, practicing yoga and self-awareness – ...
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10 Reflections and Meditations for Self-Acceptance

A lot of the exercises below are lifted directly from Tara Brach’s amazing book, Radical Self-Acceptance. I really recommend it to everyone.  Without fully accepting ourselves, we get tossed around in the turbulence of Other People’s Opinions.  Further, practicing self-acceptance promotes greater peace, ...
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7 Practices that Improve your Personal Power in any Situation

Having personal power – the qualities of strength, confidence and competence – isn’t only relevant to you if you have designs on becoming the next Oprah Winfrey. Having personal power is a means to an end for everyone. The end being living the ...
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Why Goal-Setting doesn’t Work (and Something that Does)

Updated: 27th December 2016 How do you feel about goal-setting? Either you like it or you don’t. This post will be more useful to you if you don’t. Now another question: can you tell me what your true desires are? ...