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3 Practices for Freedom from Desires and Aversions (‘Attachments’)

Our attachments boss us around like nobody’s business. They call the shots on how much or little we enjoy every, single moment.  The alarm goes off: you press snooze instead of hitting the gym as planned. (You desire comfort and ...
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A Story of Transformation through Yoga – what happened during my 100 hour yoga challenge

If you can’t afford therapy, then do yoga. Seriously, you should consider it. I have already written about why I think self-experimenting is awesome and key in intentional living.  This Summer saw me forsake my preferred high intensity kind of training ...
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How (and why) to develop a basic Spiritual practice

There is a fully legit reason for starting a spiritual practice. It makes you feel better.  I personally didn’t bother with a spiritual practice until my late twenties. Now I make sure I am regularly reading spiritual texts, practicing yoga and self-awareness – ...
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10 Reflections and Meditations for Self-Acceptance

A lot of the exercises below are lifted directly from Tara Brach’s amazing book, Radical Self-Acceptance. I really recommend it to everyone.  Without fully accepting ourselves, we get tossed around in the turbulence of Other People’s Opinions.  Further, practicing self-acceptance promotes greater peace, ...
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7 Practices that Improve your Personal Power in any Situation

Having personal power – the qualities of strength, confidence and competence – isn’t only relevant to you if you have designs on becoming the next Oprah Winfrey. Having personal power is a means to an end for everyone. The end being living the ...