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Why I Practice Everyday Mindfulness (but I don’t Meditate)

If you practice mindfulness throughout the day, you will become a highly present sort of person. Fact.  Ultra-presence can look like a variety of things: zeal, enthusiasm, ‘aliveness’, alertness, extreme purposefulness. These are the attributes I personally embody when I am ...
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32 things you’d know if you could be bothered reading the Untethered Soul

The Untethered Soul is a book by Michael Singer that I just finished reading. I came across the book after Prince Ea posted a question on his Facebook asking everyone what their favorite personal development reads were. I scanned the ...
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6 Actions for Bold Self-Love (from Science)

This post is based on author David Hamilton’s brilliant new book, ‘I Heart Me: The Science of Self-Love’. Using science to inspire, it suggests practical ways to create the kind of essential self-love we need to empower us and help us to make good choices in life. It’s ...
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The Art of Creating Meaningful Coincidences (a.k.a Synchronicity)

When I say meaningful coincidences, I’m really talking about synchronicity.  First coined by psychiatrist Carl Jung, synchronicity is the name for when two or more events occur that appear to have no relationship, yet seem meaningfully related. Often (but not always), ...
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How Standards-Setting Can Set Your Life Alight

Setting personal standards – in relationships, at work and for your health – can make the difference between living life powerfully and feeling permanently stressed and uneasy.  And unless you’ve done some kind of a personal development program, or are ...