Developmental Coaching

Hello friend,

Thank you for your interest 🙂

Since 2019, I have been coaching clients looking to make deep and sustainable changes in their lives. This, and not writing, is now where I am spending the majority of my time.

After some serious research, I decided to gain my credential with Integral Coaching Canada, basically because I thought their training was the best out there. When I encountered the methodology, I was not disappointed. To me at least, this was coaching kung fu.

My training has equipped me to home in on the unique way each client thinks about their life, leading to a profile of a ‘Current Way’. This Current Way, together with a clear vision of a New Way, is what enables me to design bespoke programs.

I do not seek to inspire, and I do not “give advice” (well sometimes I do).

I hold space, diagnose, troubleshoot, offer, and refine a flightpath to a New Way of Being in relation to the Change Topic – all with a lot of feedback from, and collaboration with, my clients.

We will go deep. And when we complete our program, it is my intention never to see my clients again (well at least in coach/client relationship!) Because I believe that effective coaching is temporary.

If you are interested in getting coaching, drop me an email at and we’ll arrange a complimentary initial consult. Please note that I am still offering an introductory rate that you’ll be able to take advantage of.